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NH Water Softener Installation

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Today we completed an installation of an Aquamen Matrix Control 32,000 grain smart water softener to remove high iron, manganese and hardness. We can design a system that will handle your water quality and give your family a better quality of life by making your water contaminant free. Stop buying bottled water and start drinking from the tap! No matter the water quality we can design a system that will make clean, safe and reliable water to enjoy day after day, year after year!


Seacoast Region

A 1324 Franklin Pierce Highway, Barrington NH 03825 E Aquamen - SeacoastM (603) 905-9073
Aquamen Water Solutions LLC, Water Softener Installation and Repair, Barrington, NH

Lakes Region

A 231 Willey Rd. Milton Mills, NH 03852 E Aquamen - Lakes RegionM (603) 905-9073
NH Water Works

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