Frequently Asked Questions

NH Water System FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will I get better water pressure if I install a larger well pump ?
Answer: Typically, no. System operating pressure is generally controlled by a pressure switch in residential applications, not the well pump. There are cases where the water usage has overcome the capability of the water pump and a larger well pump would maintain a higher system pressure during high demand, but there are many factors that must be considered while increasing pump size, suchas production, pressure tank size, electrical capacity of your system,ect...
Question: I can hear my water pump cycle when there is no water usage in the home. Is this normal?
Question: How can I determine how many gallons per minute my well pump is producing?
Question: How can I tell what type of water pump I have ?
Question: My water pump starts and stops rapidly. Is this normal ?
Question: How long will my well pump last ?
Question: How much electricity do well pumps use ?
Question: Are you able to rebuild water pumps?

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