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March 11th, 2022Temporary Fuel Surcharge

To our valued customers:

As a small veteran owned company, we understand the need to keep costs down while operating efficiently. We constantly search for ways to maximize the value of our services we provide. From time to time, however, it is necessary to adjust our service rates to compensate for increases in expenses.

I am sure that you are aware that fuel prices have spiraled upward over the past several months, and presently are higher than they have ever been in our history. This increase has come to the point that it is no longer absorbable into our current rate structure. After careful review, we have decided that the best way to handle this excessive cost is to implement a temporary fuel surcharge on our services.
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February 9th, 2021Attack on Residential Water Supply

Florida officials annouunced an attack of the water treatment plant in the city of Oldsmar last week. The attack was by a hacker who made changes to their remote system, adjusting chemicals to dangerous levels. Fortunately, due to safeguards in place, the attempt was unsuccessful. 

Water supply is a simple way to "attack" a lot of people all at once and is something we as water system operators are being vigilant with our systems, no matter the size, to ensure the safety of the public.
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NH Drought

March 11th, 2021NH Drought Update

Below normal stream flows and groundwater levels coupled with low confidence in the monthly drought predictions and uncertain precipitation forecasts, means careful tracking of drought conditions must continue.
In February, cold temperatures, as well as just enough precipitation and snowpack resulted in no change to drought designation in the 15% of the state that is experiencing "moderate drought (D1)" and little change to the approximate 40% of the state experiencing "abnormally dry" conditions.
Hydrological conditions across the state indicate drought recovery has weakened as the winter has progressed:
  • Groundwater levels dropped in February and are below normal or lower across much of the state, with the exception of south central and southeast NH, which have generally normal levels.
  • Stream flows are also below normal in much of the state, including in the western half of the state within the Connecticut River watershed and parts of the Merrimack River watershed, as well as within the Piscataqua River watershed in the seacoast region.
Equal chances of above normal, normal, or below normal precipitation are predicted through March, meaning a prediction on the impact to drought conditions cannot be made with confidence.
The U.S.Seasonal Drought Outlook is promising, with a moderate confidence in drought removal by the end of May, although the prediction is based on the Seasonal Precipitation Outlook, which favors above average precipitation in northern New Hampshire, but equal chances of above normal, normal, or below normal precipitation in the majority of the state.
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