NH Veteran Owned Businesses

NH Veteran Owned Businesses

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Working With Other Veteran Owned Businesses.

 We recently responded to a call for poor water quality for a local Barrington, NH veteran owned company, 2A Tactical. We found the existing equipment was poorly installed making the space a hassle for the customer to maintain not only the water equipment but also equipment they use routinely for their business. The existing water softener had several modes of failure. A crack in the valve body, failed injectors and brine function and iron fouling of the resin making the cost for rehabilitation 75% of system replacement. That coupled with the age of the system made replacement and reconfiguration the recommendation. The existing carbon filter was still in good working order and able to continue to treat the water.

Water System Evaluation

When we evaluate a system, whether existing equipment or a new installation, we evaluate the space available and try to make the most efficient use of the space. Setting up a system is not just about throwing in some equipment. It’s about making it service friendly for both the customer and the service technician as well as a sensible layout for plumbing and making the overall installation aesthetically pleasing. All of our systems come standard with neoprene tank jackets to stop condensation (sweating) of the system.


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